The latest hair forefront of popular network New:Each girl has a heart bridal dream, and hope they can become the most beautiful bride. But a lot of short hair bride hair but worried about how to design your own, in fact, not just long-haired goddess was, you know, short hair bride also has a unique and refreshing playful and elegant simplicity of the goddess temperament oh ~ Here’s a look at Korean how to create a bride with short hair goddess elegance of it!

Oblique bangs and eyes with excellent modification, perm obvious level, very time Shang Youfan. Covered with a white veil becomes the most beautiful Korean short hair bride hairstyle.
Will be slightly curled short hair design, creating a fluffy, it is very stylish, as long as the match on a white veil is a stylish bridal hairstyle.
This is the hair bridal hair, but if it is similar to the short perm also can be used with the simple flower head becomes simple bridal hairstyle.
Liu Qi plus lovely perm and white flower decoration, and then with yarn on top of beautiful, fluffy perm hairstyles have a face-lift effect.
Shu Qi short curly bangs his head on the back with white flowers, creating asymmetrical beauty, it is extremely beautiful.
Side points short hair asymmetric strong sense, it is very fashionable, fluffy tail in the visual face-lift effect.
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The latest hair forefront of popular network New:Most want to challenge this fall, short hair, looks like a lot of girls have such thoughts? Then I will introduce the most sense to highlight trends and slightly mature temperament short hair & BOB head it ~
Want to have never failed a perfect short hair, if more childish or too big face off how to do? By superb pruning methods and perm, care methods such as bangs, easy to eliminate these disturbing factors!
For short hair exudes rustic impression of the girls, the better to try the oblique bangs hot MIX central volume curls. Trim the hair feeling component of creating a messy facial sex, and instantly turned the streets of the influx of people.
In the mushroom head clipped short hair layered surface, into a circular arc of and fluffy. Summer light beige linen deductive temperament. Recommend to the girls with short hair, straight hair, but oh neutral.
BOB head at the surface injection graded layering. After all the hair soft volumes, including bangs, including hot, clever cover the original head shape. Face weeks of bright lines streaked hair bundle, set off little face effect.
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Difficult to resist the temptation of pear head shape you can not help but want to burn on a bar! Pear head girls like to be OL no pressure, to teach you the simple good care pear head, instantly HOLD live fashion style!

After ironing out the tail curling feeling, brown hair styling adds even more mature temperament up oh.
Broken hair styling bangs modified the temperament feeling, plus become more attractive after the end of the volume perm hair styling.
Hair styling and mature temperament can feel off it, with feeling hot on the tail of the air style perm more texture.
Perm pear shape in the long section reflects the mature temperament beauty, then with a slight curl on an irregular shape to add a bit of beauty.
Carve bangs better repair Yan doubled, simple style fluffy hot air volume clever styling create a sense of temperament, it is difficult to resist the temptation!
If your hair more volume can not be avoided, such as pear head shape is best for you, oh, hot out of the tail is more layered style!

In this very short hair needs the season, do not know how to do a perm? 2014 popular short hair style short hair so take care to teach you the most attractive! No matter what character you’re a girl by the hair can be a perfect metamorphosis Oh, I believe that the girls quickly into action!

Natural black hair color fashion sense will show up, plus hot out radian sense of style to bring out the inner volume perm effect of personality oh.
Slightly short of the volume of hot styling a lot more sense temperament, simple dark brown hair color will be fully apparent effect fashion.
Light brown hair color for darker skin color is very suitable for girls, short hair cut hair styling broken out after a hot show slight curl fashion sense.
Some ladies may want to start from the hair above Oh, like this will burn out the tail shape within the volume level, with the brown hair, thus pear head on hot, oh well.